January 5th, 2010, the life of Steve Arrington II, was taken changing the course of his mother, Sonya Arrington’s life, forever. Shortly after stepping out of a neighborhood convenience store, shots rang out. One life taken, by the hands of another youth in the same community.

It is this narrative that fuels the passion, of Mother’s Against Teen Violence founder, Sonya Arrington.
“I do this to try to prevent other mothers from ever having to feel this pain…”, reflecting the loss of her son. Six years of steady mentorship, counseling, and interaction with many youth who’ve hit rough patches in their life, brings the vision of MATV (Mat-V) full circle.

In the beginning, MATV was indeed a few mother’s raising their voices to be heard. Now centrally located within Erie’s Booker T Washington Center, the movement has become a non-profit spearheading change for the youth of the city.

Much work has been done, but the fight continues…
Please join the cause, help us take back our youth. for more information please contact us within the links provided. MATV 2016