Out of School Suspension Program (OSSP)

Mission Statement
Seeking the reduction of teen violence through youth mentoring and community education

Program Goals
To reduce risk factors that lead to adolescent problem behaviors: violence, substance abuse, school drop-out, juvenile delinquency & teen pregnancy

What MATV will provide

  • Safe supervision
  • Help with school work
  • Free WiFi
  • Computer Lab
  • Lunch Provided
  • Teen Mentoring

Behavior Policy
Students who attend the program are expected to follow the program rules and sign off on a behavioral policy of standard expectations. Possession of a weapon, lighters, and/or drugs or drug paraphernalia, will result in immediate expulsion from program participation. Behavior policy forms are to be signed at enrollment.

Parental Responsibilities

  • Fill out enrollment form at drop off on 1st day
  • Feed child breakfast
  • Provide on time transportation or bus fare TO & FROM BTW
  • Encourage your child to participate & assignments
  • Have regular contact with staff director


Mothers Against Teen Violence in collaboration with
the Booker T Washington Development and Education Center