Sonya Arrington

Mrs. Sonya Arrington
Councilwoman Sonya Arrington

Councilwoman, Mrs Sonya Arrington

You can here many youth greet, Mrs. Sonya Arrington, affectionly called “Mrs. Sonya”, as they come through the doors of Erie’s Booker T Washington Center, where the Mother’s Against Teen Violence organization is headquartered. MATV was founded in January of 2010 just days following the shooting death of her only son Steve Arrington II. On January 5th, 2010, shortly after exiting a neighborhood convenience store would be the first victim lost to violence that year.

Mrs. Arrington assessed the situation with lenses of vision for a better community, and began to rally friends and loved ones, the prework to starting MATV. In the whole ordeal, one life is lost, and another life entering the correctional systems is lost also, with two mother’s crying for their sons.

Mrs. Arrington pushed past the pain, and bouts of tears, to tell her and her son’s story to bring home some heavy life lessons for participating youth. “We need God, not guns”. We need to practice, reach and nurture “love” toward one another. And we need to come together and unify for our youth!

Through her leadership, MATV has become one of the most recognized organizations in working with local teens. It is through this organization that many teens have had a second chance at retracing their steps, and seeing a better way. Mrs. Arrington’s mantra, “We need God and not Gods” can be heard loud and clear as she  has received numerous awards from various local, regional, and national organizations for her work with youth.

Steve Arrington II
Steve D. Arrington II

Lastly, as she aspires to keep pushing for change, almost six years to the very day that she lost her son, January 4th, 2016, as Steve Arrington Sr. looked on (held the bible), Sonya Arrington took the oath of office, becoming the Councilwoman Sonya Arrington, broadening her capacity to serve the youth and many more of the city of Erie.

Mrs. Arrington is known for being vocal in her press to rid violence and help youth think, act and live positively. Please subscribe to our newsletters as we can keep you informed of the many MATV events we will host, and/or lend our support.